Stephanie Case is a junior at Keene State College, seeking a degree in both American Studies and Management. The ideal reader for this project is someone looking to know more about the tension between public art and the community.  It doesn’t matter which community because every community has some form of it. Through the investigation of public art Stephanie will continue the cycle of a participatory democracy and so will her readers.


Omar is an Egyptian exchange student from Egypt who loves traveling and learning about the different people and cultures.




Patrick Driscoll is working on a double major in History and American Studies. His academic interests started out with an interest in everything related to World War II, but has shifted to a focus on World War I. His hobbies include, skiing in the winter when, and walking outside in the Spring Summer and Fall.



Miles Duhamel is completing his B.A. in American Studies at Keene State. He has interest in sociology, history, and philosophy, as well as recreational activities like experiencing nature and seeing or playing live music.



Rachael is a Junior at Keene State college. She is a management major and American Studies minor, and spends her free time sharing politically charged Facebook posts and watching Seinfeld.




Mark C. Long is professor of English at Keene State College where he teaches courses in Literary, American, and Environmental Studies. He is also Director of the College’s Integrative Studies Program.



Benjamin Macdonald is an American Studies major and creative writing minor at Keene State. He wishes to go into children’s literature and would love to publish his own works at some point in his life. This class has taught him a lot about how other people think and has helped change the way that he thinks.



Kerrin McTernan is studying Secondary Education and American Studies. She seeks to engage with the world through inquiry of information and experiences and to help others embrace their ability to become content, curious, and wholehearted individuals.



Savannah Robert is an Elementary Education and American Studies major, living in a BIG little town, just trying to learn about her world.




Mitchell Ronzitti is a third year political science major at Keene State College. From a very young age his family instilled in him a profound sense of tradition expressed through food, which has led him to pursue knowledge and experience in the culinary world.



Nick Sharek is a junior at Keene State College pursuing a degree in American Studies. After taking a few years off from school while living in Portland, Oregon, he enrolled at a community college in his home state of New Hampshire before transferring to KSC. Nick is most interested in learning about how race, gender, religion, politics, and geography have influenced our history and society, and continue to impact the American experience. Outside of school he enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, reading, generally being active, and going as fast as possible on a skateboard.


Tori Weinstock is a three-year starter for the Keene State Women’s Lacrosse team. She is an American Studies major with a minor in writing. Her project shows how democracy can impact sports with a focus on her lacrosse team.